Friday, April 9, and Saturday, April 10, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunday, April 11, Noon to 6 p.m.

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Food Vendors

F01 Big G Cajun 1.jpg

Big G’s Cajun

Booth 01

Castle Moat Gator on a Stick, Bourbon Chicken W/ Beans & Gruel, Bourbon Chicken Sandwich w/Fries, Smoked Cheese On A Stick, Steak Sandwich w/Peppers & Onions on Bun, Kings Nachos, Crawfish Boil, Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea, Mango Tea, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Orangeade, Cherry Limeade, Bottled Water & Soda

F02 Big G Rib 2.jpg

Big G’s Ribs & Turkey Legs

Booth 02

Kings Pork Ribs, Hickory Smoked Turkey Leg, Corn on a Cob, Bottled Soda & Water, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Orangeade, Cherry Limeade, Sweet Tea, Mango Tea, Unsweet Tea

F03 Ozark 1.jpeg

Ozark Mountain Funnel Cakes & Handcrafted Lemonade

Booth 03

Funnel Cake, Funnel Cake with topping, Fried Snickers, Fried Oreos, Fresh squeezed lemonade, Bottled water

F04 Nutworks 3.jpg

Nut Works Gourmet Roasted Nuts

Booth 04

Cinnamon Roasted Pecans/Cashews/Almonds, Salted Cashews, Salted Roasted Pecans, Spicy Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Almonds

F05 B&G 1.jpg

B & G Concessions

Booth 05

Fish Taco, Soft Tacos, Indian Taco, Nacho Supreme, Taco Salad, Jumbo Corn Dog, Fried Twinkie on a stick, Nachos, Drinks, Non Alcoholic Margaritas

F06 House of Douglas 3.jpg

House of Douglas Bakery

Booth 06

Scottish and Irish Baked goods

F07 Back Street Tralerpic.jpg

Back Street BBQ Burgers

Booth 07

Charbroiled Specialty Burgers, Bacon Creations, Bacon Caramel Cake Fries, Hot Dogs, Checken Tender BBQ, Drinks

F11 Brew Boys 1.jpeg

Brew Boys BBQ & Turkey Legs

Booth 11

Jumbo Smoked Turkey Leg, Chopped Brisket Sandwich w/ Chips

F12 Unlimited 1.jpg

Unlimited Concessions

Booth 12

Giant Funnel Cakes, Jumbo Corn Dogs, Drinks

F13 Dans Indian 1.png

Dans Indian Tacos

Booth 13

Dans Indian Taco, Fry Bread, Bottled Water

F14 Roadhouse 1.jpg

Roadhouse Concessions

Booth 14

Sausage Sandwich - Polish, Brat, Jalapeno & Cheddar, Chicken on a Stick, Chicken Fajita Nachos, Nachos, Hot Dog, Spiral Spuds, Loaded Spiral Spuds, Fried Peaches

F15 Cutie 1.jpeg

Cutie Pies

Booth 15

Watermelon Pie , Watermelon Salsa, Watermelon Lemonade, Banana Dream Cheesecake , Chocolate  Brownie Pie, Peanut butter chocolate chip Pie, Animal Cracker, Carmel Apple Pie, Frito Chili Pie, Taco Pie, Cheese Nachos , Chili cheese Nacho, Chicken Nachos, Chicken & Corn Frito Pie , Cherry Limeade , Sweet Peach Tea, Bottled Water

F16 Tads 3.jpg

Tad's Bodacious Burritos

Booth 16

Bodacious Burritos - Chipotle Beef, Garlic Chicken, Black Bean & Spinach, Quesadillas - Beef, Chicken, Cheese, Taco Salad, Nacholupa, Soft Tacos, Walking Taco, Supreme Nacho, Nachos, add Sour Cream or Jalapenos, Bottled Water, Soft Drinks

F17 Ye Old Meating Place 1.jpg

Ye Old Meating Place

Booth 17

Robin Hood, Gobbler and Pork Belly Sandwich, The Gobbler Sandwich, The King's Sandwich, Shredded Boar Sandwich, When Pigs Friar, Apple of the Earth, Jester Sticks

F18 Guiltless 4.jpeg

Guiltless Concession

Booth 18

Sandwiches - Fancy Chicken Salad, Ham & Cheddar, Turkey & Swiss, Ceasar Salad, Ice Cream, Regular Sundaes - Chocolate,Strawberry, Caramel, Deluxe Sundaes - Chocolate Suicide, Chocolate Banana Royal, Apple Pie and 4 others, Cinnamon Roll, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, Iced Teas, Fruit Punch, Gatorade, Water

F19 Totally Nutz 1.jpg

Totally Nutz Oklahoma

Booth 19

Cinnamon Roasted Nuts - Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Canned Soft drinks

F20 Mr Fries 1.jpg

Mr. Fries

Booth 20

Fresh cut fries, Chili cheese fries, Chicken tenders, Soda pop


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