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Journey to an age of kings, queens and knights in shining armor as the kingdom comes alive at the Medieval Fair.

Experience the Middle Ages with food fit for a king, games and a vast array of entertainment for all ages. Merriment abounds with jugglers, minstrels, dancing, human chess games and knights jousting on horseback. Ride ponies on the King’s Carousel, board a camel or war horse, test your skills at star throwing or archery.  Feast on a smoked turkey leg, roasted corn or handcrafted root beer.  Learn about the Middle Ages with educational exhibits and craft demonstrations.

More than seven stages with continuous performances!

2016 Entertainment Schedule!

(schedule updated 3/11/16)


Visit the Medieval Fair where the past is present!





The University of Oklahoma Outreach
1700 Asp Ave.
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 325-8610